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Interested but the price is just a little higher than you wanted to spend, make an offer, what's the worse that can happen, they can say no. Never hurts to try.

DRRC members may submit an ad via email to webmaster@douglasridge.org

Safe Selling Tips

Remember there are always those out there trying to separate you from your belongings without paying for them. There are scams in abundance just to do that. Use good judgment when selling items online. Following are some basic tips to help reduce your risk.
  • Just because they contact you does not mean you must sell to them.
  • Watch for suspicious emails with many misspellings and grammatical errors. If is sounds funny, it may be a scam.
  • Reply to questionable emails asking specific questions or for more information, if it is a scam they most likely will not reply.
  • Accept only verifiable payment methods, i.e. PayPal, United States Postal Service Money Orders, etc.
  • Get your cash in hand before you ship the product. That means cash the check or money order before you ship or turn over the item. (this is your best protection).
  • Make sure the transaction is legal.
  • You may want to restrict who or where you will sell to, i.e. DRRC members only or in Oregon only, etc. While this may reduce your exposure, it does not guarantee a trouble free transaction.

Item Description/Price Contact Information Post Date
.380 Ammo:
4 Boxes new: Remington UMC 95 Gr. FMJ $18.00 each. $72.00
1 box Winchester (and one partial box) .380 TRAIN 147 Gr FMJ ammo $23.49 + $12.00
2 Boxes LEHIGH Extreme Penetrator Ammo 90 Gr. $53.40 (Watch the AMMO QUEST on You Tube about LEHIGH and you will be very impressed)
1 Box LEHIGH Controlled Fracturing Ammo 75 Gr. $27.00
Total for all ammo: $ 187.89

You can have all ammo for $80.00 *firm* IF you also make out a donation check to DRRC for at least $30.00.
Don't be cheap to DRRC.

Cash sale to DRRC members only and transaction will occur at the DRRC clubhouse.

Don at 707 965-1464 11/2/20141
Wanted: Taurus PT 145 Ed at 503 806-0054 10/14/2014
Marlin model 336 (stamped JM)lever action rifle, , 30-30 cal. Micro grove barrel. Includes a scope and some ammo $325.00

Weatherby Mark V vintage early 1970 made in Japan. LEFT HANDED BOLT. Excellent condition, 300 weatherby mag. Includes Leupold Vari iii x 3.5X10 scope $1,199.00

Richard at 707 834-3889 or via email. 9/15/2014
Winchester model 70 Featherweight in 300wsm, 24in. barrel. This was one of the last one's made in New Haven. The Rifle was purchased new and has had 20 rounds fired in it to sight in the scope. The scope is a new Weaver Grand Slam 3-10x40 mounted with Leupold quick release rings and bases. I will be selling this locally only no shipping, pick up at DRRC or my business. $950.00. Pic Dick at 506 658-2125 or via email. 8/26/2014
Slightly used XDM 9mm 4.5" with case and gear (holster, mag carrier, magazine loader, lock and interchangeable back-straps.) $525.00 cash takes it home. Located in the Clackamas area. Pic Jeff via email. 8/14/2014
WANTED: 22mm threaded Iris for a front sight. I am not looking for an expensive one, just one that will fit and provide a decent sight picture. I am currently looking at a Gehmann 520. I am not set on any particular brand. Bob via email. 7/4/2014
Springfield XDM Compact 3.8" 9mm. Like new in box with all the stuff. Bought it brand new for my wife, she doesn't like it, go figure. I shot it about 20 times. Paid $545.00 will sell for the 1st $500.00 cash. Face to face sale at club. ODL and Bill of sale required. Pic Marty at 503 502-9525 or via email.
Colt Defender in .45 ACP with 3 magazines and a Milt Sparks BN55 right hand "C" cant holster in black. Included is a spare recoil spring assembly and a takedown tool. $900.00 DRCC members preferred. Pic Robert via email. 6/13/2014
2ea - Anderson AM15 - .223cal. RF85 16" uppers with M4 contour barrel 1-8 twist. Anderson free float, Low Pro gas block, Knight Stalker flash hider. 1 long & 1 short rail, BCG & standard charging handle. 6 position mil spec butt stock. 1 - 30rd mag. See http://rf85.com/ $850.00 each.

Anderson AM10 - .308cal. RR85 18" barrel with a 1-10 twist. With SS trigger & hammer. Knight Stalker flash hider. Hogue 6 position butt stock & pistol grip. Ambi sling mount. 1 - 20rd mag. $1,850.00.

John at 503 622-3815 5/18/2014
500 Rounds of 7.62x39mm L.C.B 122gr. FMJ, Berdan primed (Non Corrosive), steel case. Perfect shape bought in the mid 90's. Must pickup in person. $125.00. Corey via email. 5/18/2014
WANTED: Buy or trade for reloading powder: Want powder suitable for reloading 9mm. (Titegroup, Unique, HS6, Bullseye, Universal, 231, Clays. Cash or Trade .22 LR ammo. Marty at 503 502-9525 or via email. 5/4/2014
WANTED: Finnish Mosin Nagant John at 503 318-6293 5/4/2014