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Interested but the price is just a little higher than you wanted to spend, make an offer, what's the worse that can happen, they can say no. Never hurts to try.

DRRC members may submit an ad via email to webmaster@douglasridge.org

Safe Selling Tips

Remember there are always those out there trying to separate you from your belongings without paying for them. There are scams in abundance just to do that. Use good judgment when selling items online. Following are some basic tips to help reduce your risk.
  • Just because they contact you does not mean you must sell to them.
  • Watch for suspicious emails with many misspellings and grammatical errors. If is sounds funny, it may be a scam.
  • Reply to questionable emails asking specific questions or for more information, if it is a scam they most likely will not reply.
  • Accept only verifiable payment methods, i.e. PayPal, United States Postal Service Money Orders, etc.
  • Get your cash in hand before you ship the product. That means cash the check or money order before you ship or turn over the item. (this is your best protection).
  • Make sure the transaction is legal.
  • You may want to restrict who or where you will sell to, i.e. DRRC members only or in Oregon only, etc. While this may reduce your exposure, it does not guarantee a trouble free transaction.

Item Description/Price Contact Information Post Date
Browning 22 target pistol-challenger $300.00. DRRC members only. Reggie at 503 654-0690 or via email. 5/19/2015
Custom Handloaded Ammo - on old press, one cartridge at a time and double-checked by two people. Selling because no longer have the firearms.

.44 Special - sold in 100 round plastic boxes. 576 Cartridges - new Winchester brass; Hornady XTP 180GR 400 Cartridges - new Winchester brass; Sierra PWR Jacketed 180GR molycoated. $50.00/box.

.44-40 - sold in 50 round plastic boxes. 100 Cartridges - new Remington brass; Winchester SP 200GR. 100 Cartridges - new Winchester brass; custom lead HB 200GR. 50 Cartridges - new Remington brass; Sierra PWR Jacketed 180GR. $30.00/box
Cash only. Sold to DRRC members only - meet at clubhouse.

Rich via email. 4/28/2015
Dillon 550B reloading press $400.00 Ed at 503 806-0054 4/28/2015
1 ea Mec 600 JR Mark V Shotshell Reloading Press 20 GA/ 1 ea Mec 600 JR Mark V Shotshell Reloading Press 410 GA. Good working condition. $80.00 both.

1 ea Ponsness/Warren DU-O-Matic 375 Shotshell Reloading Press with all bushings & dies for 16, 20, 12GA reloading. Very good working condition. $175.00

7 1/2 lbs Rex II Gun Powder. $50.00.

2,500 qty Windjammer 12GA wads. 500 qty Claybuster WAA12F1SL-12GA wads. 500 qty Windjammer 20GA wads. 500 qty Claybuster WAA20-20GA wads. $50.00 lot.

Shotshells once fired: 2 ¾" cases: 330 qty Federal 12GA. 160 qty Win AA 12GA. Once & twice fired mix 2 ¾" cases: 300 qty Federal 12GA. 200 qty Estate 12GA. 160 qty Federal & Win AA mix 20GA. (1,150 qty total) $60.00 lot.

Factory Ammo: 7 boxes 20GA Win AA Heavy Target 2 3/4 #8. $40.00

Factory/reload mix: 7 boxes 410GA Win AA Target 2 1/2 #9. $40.00

Mark at 626 374-1777 or via email. 4/23/2015
Primers For Sale.

Large Pistol by Federal $30.00/M
Large Pistol Match by Federal $40.00/M
Large Rifle Match by Federal $40.00/M
Small Pistol by Remington $30.00/M.
Face to Face only.

Terry at 971 201-9169 or via email. 4/15/2015
Savage 99 in 300 Savage, 1935 in 95% shape with 4X Leupold scope. $800.00 (Price Reduction) or make offer.

Ruger Single Six 4 5/8" barrel, 22 cal. Factory stag grips. 95%. $700.00 (Price Reduction) or make offer.

Ed at 503 806-0054 4/15/2015
Winchester model 12, 12ga shotgun skeet model SN 13505XX, 30" barrel. Excellent condition. $900.00

Weatherby Mark V 300 WM, Left handed bolt action, ported barrel, strap studs and B&L scope. SN 236XX. $1500.00

Winchester 1894 25-35 wcf SN 8109XX. 30" barrel, saddle ring, peep sight. Excellent condition SN places manufacture between 1916-1917. $2,600.00

Joe at 503 760-3454 or via email. 4/7/2015
FNH FNX-45 Tactical $1,100.00. Pic


  • Round count around 800
  • Four factory 15 round magazines
  • FNH carrying case
  • Two mounting plates for red dot installation
  • Blade-Tech custom OWB holster (made for red dot clearance)
  • Blade-Tech double magazine pouch
  • All FHN factory paperwork, etc.

A few specifications and features are:
  • Double-action/Single-action
  • 5.3" barrel with .578x28 RH barrel thread pattern for suppressor
  • Raised night sights for use with suppressor
  • Two interchangeable back straps
  • Fully-ambidextrous operating controls
Alex at 503 957-9920 or via email. 4/4/2015
WANTED: Marlin camp .45 carbine. Gary via email. 3/31/2015
WANTED: Walther PPS .40 Cal. Looking for a safe queen with low round count. Can meet at DRRC. Craig via email. 3/10/2015
Knight Revolution .50 Caliber Black Powder Rifle. It is Stainless Steel with a 26" barrel and has never been fired. The case is included. $325.00 Bob via email. 2/28/2015
Rare Smith and Wesson 657-5 Hunter Classic in .41 Mag with unfluted cylinder and 7-1/2" barrel. Only made for one year. Comes with after market rosewood grips ($80) and with original Hogue grips, literature, and plastic case. $700.00 Pic

Savage Model 111 rifle in 25-06 caliber with unique "natural colored wood" laminated Stock. $350.00 OBO Pic

Jim at 503 290-8312 2/3/2015
Wanted: Marlin 1894C lever action .357 Magnum rifle for hunting blacktail deer in the northern Oregon Coast Range. Price flexible, but should be $500.00 or less. Rich via email. 1/29/2015
Sako TRG-22 .308 cal Long range Tactical Sniper or competition rifle. Unused and unfired. All the items in this package are new unused and come with factory boxes or packaging. 26" barrel with 1:11 twist. This rifle comes with $1900.00 in in extras. (4) additional Sako (10) round magazines. Sako Bi-Pod. Sako Muzzle Brake. Sako low profile 3 ring 34mm Scope mount. This whole package was purchased from Euro-Optics, and has been sitting in a climate controlled safe never used. Everything is in pristine like new factory condition. $3,500.00 cash only. Will meet at club to sell. Email for additional photos or questions. Pic Chris at 971 678-4014 or via email. 11/26/2014
Marlin model 336 (stamped JM)lever action rifle, , 30-30 cal. Micro grove barrel. Includes a scope and some ammo SOLD

Weatherby Mark V vintage early 1970 made in Japan. LEFT HANDED BOLT. Excellent condition, 300 weatherby mag. Includes Leupold Vari iii x 3.5X10 scope $1,199.00

Richard at 707 834-3889 or via email. 9/15/2014