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Item Description/Price Contact Information Post Date
Remington 700ADL 7mm Remington Magnum. Early (1968) version with original stainless steel barrel. Black oxide finish. Includes Leupold 3 x 9 scope. Fired maybe 200 rounds max, very nice original condition, perfect bore. $500.00

Weatherby XXII .22LR Auto early Italian version; 10-shot clip. Little use; excellent condition except two dings in forearm. Includes correct original Weatherby XXII scope. $500.00

7mm Mag: 11 boxes total. 4 bx. Federal Vital-Shok 175 gr, 2 bx. Federal BT Spitzer 165 gr, 1 bx. Nitrex (Speer) nickel plated 175 gr, 4 bx. handloads with new Win. brass; 160 gr. Sierra BT. Also have 4 bx. Remington 1X fired brass. All for $140.00

Sierra 85 gr. hollow point boat tail 4 full boxes + 70 (470 total)
Nosler 75 gr. Zipedo 1 bx. of 100
Speer 105 gr. spitzer 1 bx. of 100
Speer 90 gr. spitzer 1 box of 100
Winchester 100 gr. Powerpoint 1 box of 100
870 bullets total $60.00

3 bx. 50 ea. Sierra 250 gr. Boat Tail Spitzer bullets. $45.00 for all 3.

.284: 1 bx. (100) Speer 175 gr. semi-spitzer. 1 1/2 box (147) Sierra 160gr. spitzer boat tail, 2 bx. (200) Sierra 140 gr. spitzer, 3/4 box (77) Speer 115 gr. hollow point. All for $50.00

Email for pics

Pete at 503-698-3032 or 503-913-2250 Cell or via email. 9/15/2014
Marlin model 336 (stamped JM)lever action rifle, , 30-30 cal. Micro grove barrel. Includes a scope and some ammo $325.00

Weatherby Mark V vintage early 1970 made in Japan. LEFT HANDED BOLT. Excellent condition, 300 weatherby mag. Includes Leupold Vari iii x 3.5X10 scope $1,199.00

Richard at 707 834-3889 or via email. 9/15/2014
Winchester model 70 Featherweight in 300wsm, 24in. barrel. This was one of the last one's made in New Haven. The Rifle was purchased new and has had 20 rounds fired in it to sight in the scope. The scope is a new Weaver Grand Slam 3-10x40 mounted with Leupold quick release rings and bases. I will be selling this locally only no shipping, pick up at DRRC or my business. $950.00. Pic Dick at 506 658-2125 or via email. 8/26/2014
Like new Mossberg 930, it's only been shot on one outing(10 rounds). Was going to get into 3gun but just don't have the time. Comes with original box and chokes.Signature Series / JM Pro (Jerry Miculek Series) 10-Shot, 12 Gauge, 24" Matte Blue Barrel, Synthetic Stock, Fiber Optic Front Sight, Engraved Receiver. I will also throw in 20 boxes(5 slugs in ea) of 2 3/4 inch 12GA 1oz Hydra Shock Rifled slugs(a $110 value) plus 20 or so loose birdshot rounds. $500.00 OBO. Jeff at 360 904-0897 or via email. 8/23/2014
Slightly used XDM 9mm 4.5" with case and gear (holster, mag carrier, magazine loader, lock and interchangeable back-straps.) $525.00 cash takes it home. Located in the Clackamas area. Pic Jeff via email. 8/14/2014
300 222M cases r.p. new $100.00 Reggie at 503 654-0690 or via email. 7/23/2014
WANTED: 22mm threaded Iris for a front sight. I am not looking for an expensive one, just one that will fit and provide a decent sight picture. I am currently looking at a Gehmann 520. I am not set on any particular brand. Bob via email. 7/4/2014
Springfield XDM Compact 3.8" 9mm. Like new in box with all the stuff. Bought it brand new for my wife, she doesn't like it, go figure. I shot it about 20 times. Paid $545.00 will sell for the 1st $500.00 cash. Face to face sale at club. ODL and Bill of sale required. Pic Marty at 503 502-9525 or via email.
Colt Defender in .45 ACP with 3 magazines and a Milt Sparks BN55 right hand "C" cant holster in black. Included is a spare recoil spring assembly and a takedown tool. $900.00 DRCC members preferred. Pic Robert via email. 6/13/2014
Walther P99 QA (Quick Action), 9 MM. Includes two (2) magazines, changeable back straps (S, M, L), and original box. I bought the gun a year ago and have only put about 300 rounds through it. It is in excellent condition. $400.00 price reduced! Pic Joel, call or text at 503 502-4401 or via e-mail. 5/22/2014
2ea - Anderson AM15 - .223cal. RF85 16" uppers with M4 contour barrel 1-8 twist. Anderson free float, Low Pro gas block, Knight Stalker flash hider. 1 long & 1 short rail, BCG & standard charging handle. 6 position mil spec butt stock. 1 - 30rd mag. See http://rf85.com/ $850.00 each.

Anderson AM10 - .308cal. RR85 18" barrel with a 1-10 twist. With SS trigger & hammer. Knight Stalker flash hider. Hogue 6 position butt stock & pistol grip. Ambi sling mount. 1 - 20rd mag. $1,850.00.

John at 503 622-3815 5/18/2014
500 Rounds of 7.62x39mm L.C.B 122gr. FMJ, Berdan primed (Non Corrosive), steel case. Perfect shape bought in the mid 90's. Must pickup in person. $125.00. Corey via email. 5/18/2014
WANTED: Buy or trade for reloading powder: Want powder suitable for reloading 9mm. (Titegroup, Unique, HS6, Bullseye, Universal, 231, Clays. Cash or Trade .22 LR ammo. Marty at 503 502-9525 or via email. 5/4/2014
WANTED: Finnish Mosin Nagant John at 503 318-6293 5/4/2014
Dan Wesson 357 4" barrel in cal. 357 Magnum complete with tools to change barrel. Walnut grips and a set of Houge grips installed. Condition is excellent. $1,000.00

Walther P99C QA, .40S&W, 2 magazines. $600.00

Taurus PTR 92 AF, 9MM,Houge grips, 3 - 15 Rnd Magazines, includes factory ammo, excellent condition. $675.00

Marlin 30-30 lever action rifle with micro grove barrel, model 336 (stamped JM). Includes some ammo. $400.00

Richard via email. 4/26/2014
Wanted: Standard RH wood stock for Perazzi MX3 12 GA shotgun. Mark at 626 374-1777 4/26/2014
Pro-Shooter's range, Bag Small Deluxe, Navy color. Go to Click Here for specs. Made in USA, high quality. Guaranteed for life from Bagmaster Mfg. Used, well cared for and in excellent condition--judge for yourself. $80.00 Ed at 503 659-1676 4/26/2014
Ruger Mini 14 Ranch Rifle. .223 semi auto, folding stock "Butller Creek", 2- 30 round mags, 1- 5 round mag, Bushnell scope. $800.00 $700.00 PRICE REDUCED Terry at 503 206-9124 4/10/2014
Model 1891 Mosin-Nagant, includes bayonet, oil bottle, sling, leather ammo pouch, stripper clips, sealed spam can of 440rds 7.62x54R ball. $300.00 Mike at 503 412-9642 4/1/2014
SKS by Norinco Two Stocks, Scope plus Ammo. This rifle is in as-new condition with less than 100 rounds having been fired. It has a fiberglass stock installed with the original wood stock included. It has been modified to accept detachable mags. The original parts for the original magazine are included. One 10 round and one 20 round detachable mags are included. The rifle has its original bayonet attached. The scope is a 4x30. The hard case in the photos is also included. Ammo: 1,260 rounds of Russian 7.39 x 39mm ammo are also included in this price. The rifle and ammo must be purchased together. Neither will be sold separately. $1,100.00. Pic

Freight: The ammo must be shipped separately from the rifle, so the shipping cost of the rifle is $30.00 plus an additional $85.00 for the 55 pounds of ammo, for a total shipping cost of $115.00. If picked up by an Oregon resident there is no freight.

Desert Eagle 44 Magnum Nickle Plated. This Chrome Plated Desert Eagle has had less than 100 rounds fired . It has been in storage for about 7 years. It is without blemish. Equal to a NIB for $2,000. With original box and 2 factory mags. $1,500.00. Pic

Freight: UPS will only ship handguns by overnight air freight. Cost for freight is $85.00 if it must be shipped. If picked up by an Oregon resident there is no freight.

Dexter at 503-489-5602 (home), 503-475-1415 (cell) or via email. 3/23/2014
"Eley red-box 10-X .22 caliber match ammunition. 500 round carton $100.00, or 50 round box $12.00.

2 - Anschutz match rear sights with Gehmann D75 iris, & extra set large windage/elevation knobs. Anschutz 6750 rear sight iris $140.00 each.

Anschutz 6530 Spirit level for front sight $30.00.

Anschutz match rifle adjustable 2-stage trigger #5098, set at 3.5oz, $140.00.

Anschutz match rifle double-set, 2-stage trigger, set at 3.5oz, $165.00.

Gehmann #530 Diopter iris and 1.5x magnifier, $120.00.

Gehmann 10-90% polarization filter, $80.00.

Bill via email. 3/23/2014
2 boxes of .357 Magnum, 158Gr. Jacketed Soft Point (defense or hunting), 50 rounds per box of S&W Ammo Co brand (Made in the USA, circa late 80's) $28.00 each box.

1 box of .357 Magnum, 158 Gr. Semi Wad Cutter plated lead (Target), 50 round box of Winchester Western brand (Made in the USA, circa late 80's) $24.00 for the box. An additional 14 lose rounds for $6.75 (approx $0.48 each round)

All for $80.00

Ed at 503 659-1676 3/15/2014
Connecticut Valley Arms Blackpowder .32 Caliber "Pocket Colt" reproduction, excellent condition. This was one of the original concealed carry pieces and is quite small with a 4 inch barrel. No accessories included. $125.00 PIC Roger at 503 666-8843 or via email. 3/4/2014
Savage 110L-H rifle in 7mm magnum caliber with a 3x9 Luepold scope. This is a left hand model and was manufactured pre 1968. It has a jeweled bolt and the bore and bluing are in good condition. The stock is in good condition with the exception that the original recoil pad is missing and has a slip-on recoil pad on it now. The only condition issue is that the previous owner scribed his driver's license number on the receiver in small numbers on the rear left hand side of the bolt carrier. $325.00 PIC

Winchester Model 100 Semi-Automatic Rifle, .308 caliber with a Weaver Marksman M-1" 4x scope. Serial #132xxx. $500.00 PIC

Pair of Taurus Single Action Revolvers. .38/.357 Mag. They are Model No. M38SA. They have 5 1/2" barrels and are blued, and in very nice condition. Great for Cowboy Action Shooting. $750.00 for the pair. PIC

Carl Gustafs Mauser in 6.5 x 55 rifle. I don't know much about it except that it is about 37 inches long and has a custom stock. It has a Tasco 4x32 power scope. The barrel and receiver are gun metal gray in appearance and the stock is a Monte Carlo design. SOLD PIC

I also have 2 pellet rifles. One is a Crosman Model 66 BB Repeater/177 Pellet rifle and the other is of Chinese origin and both appear to be in good condition. $20.00 each. PIC

Bob via email. 2/25/2014
Taurus 1911 A1, .45 ACP. Less than 50 rounds shot through gun. $550.00 OBO Pic Nils at 503 407-6571 2/25/2014
WANTED: Women's leather shooting jacket for Jr small bore participant. Size 44 chest, 40 waist. Also looking for rim fire target rifle. Shane via email. 2/18/2014
5.11 Women's Tactical Pants
Taclite Pro, 2 pair, both size 8 long, khaki (new never worn) $30.00 and green (worn once) $25.00.Link to 5.11 site for this style.
Tactical (style no longer available, similar to Taclite Pro), black (gently worn), size 6, $25.00.
Sheri at 503 351-8396 or via email. 2/2/2014
Barrett M82A1 w/Swarovski optic built specifically for this rifle. NEW IN BOX (case). $10,500.00

Swarovski SLC 10x50WB Habicht binoculars mint condition, rarely used. $1,400.00

WANTED: Looking for M1 Carbine in good condition.

James at 971 202-8957 (call or text) or via email. 1/28/2014
Mannlicher Schoenuer 30-06 $1,300.00

Mannlicher Schoenuer 30-06 $1,300.00

Mannlicher Schoenuer 270 $1,300.00

Mannlicher Schoenuer 270 $1,200.00

Kevin via email. 1/20/2014
WANTED: 22 LC conversion for a Kimber 1911 Tactical Pro in .45 ACP. DRCC members preferred. Norm via email. 1/3/2014
20" Barrel for Savage model 10 in 308 barrel caliber. Factory barrel, lightly used, threaded for suppressor. $75.00

New factory 26" barrel for Remington 700 in 308 caliber. Heavy varmint barrel. $90.00

John at 503 819-7927 or via email. 12/7/2013
Washougal River Cartrigde Company. 223 reloads 62gr SS109 (Armor Piercing Rounds). 4 boxes of 500 rounds each (can sell individually or trade for Douglas Ridge Rifle Club compliant ammo .223 or 5.56 NATO). $200.00 per box of 500. Waldemar via email. 11/12/2013
Ruger 10/22 Deluxe Sporter(New, never fired).Cut checkered hardwood Stock with recoil pad (no barrel band), one 10r mag.(cost $290).Extras, all new, unused condition. (total cost: $175)
* TrueGlo tactical red/green dot scope 30mm
* Sling swivels (sling excluded)
* Volquartsen Automatic Bolt Release
* Volquartsen Exact Edge Extractor
* Volquartsen Extended Magazine Release (not mounted)
* Wolff Performance Spring Pack
* 25r transparent Butler Creek magazine
* Hoppe .22 Bore Snake
Will sell all for $385.00
Julian via email. 10/15/2013
Remington 700 7mm mag with Leupold scope. Good used condition, some marring on stock, rear iron sight removed to allow clearance for scope $600.00.

Winchester model 12 12 gauge shotgun (collectors item) not sure of the manufacture date, stamped 1913. Fair condition. $300.00

Remington Wingmaster 12g with 30inch full choke barrel. Excellent condition. SOLD

Remington 1300 12 gauge. Excellent condition. $250.00.

Ruger Blackhawk SS 357mag revolver. Excellent condition. SOLD.

Selling for widow who's husband recently died. Will accept reasonable offers, willing to sell all at a package price.

Jay at 503 661-7867 or via email. 10/1/2013