Our class name and purpose have changed. Due to the high skill level of the ladies coming out we have updated our program to an intermediate and advance level. We work on concealed carry techniques, personal protection and competition. We no longer offer beginner instruction. We are offering progress to the next level for experienced/trained shooters who are willing to attend most sessions. Beginner shooters should take a couple of training sessions with a firearms instructor before attending this program. Please contact Paul at the number below if you wish to participate in the program. We most every other Wednesday night from 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM (check the calendar for date variations and the range to be used). This is open to non members. The non member fee is $5.00.

Access To Lady's League
For instructions on how to access the facilities for Lady's League please contact the person listed below.

Happy Shooting!

For information contact Paul Meier at 503 866-0068 or via email.