Dedicated to the development and encouragement of extreme accuracy in rifles, ammunition, equipment and shooting methods. Ranges are from 100 to 200 yards and include all calibers under .50 BMG.

Benchrest Matches at DRRC are sanctioned by the Cast Bullet Association.

Our Benchrest Matches are held on the first Saturday of the months of April through August.
Registration at 8:00 AM; Match begins at 9:00 AM. Normally we are finished around 1:00 PM depending on how many shooters are present.

20 rounds each for record are shot from 100 and 200 yards. Maximum possible score is 400-40X. There is a warm up target for both 100 yard and 200 yard for a total of ten targets for the event. Each target card has six bulls on it, five are for "record", and the bull in the lower right is a sighter. The shooter may fire on the sighter bull any number of times, but only one shot may be shot at each "record" bull. Ten minutes are allowed for each target card.

.30 caliber rifles are the most common. 308 Winchester is the most popular "production class" rifle, and .30 BR is the most popular "heavy class" rifle. Cast bullet weights range from about 180 grains on the low end to over 215 grains on the high end. Velocity for these classes range from around 1700 fps to near 2300 fps. Rifle scopes commonly used range from 36 to 45 power.

First Match of 2006: Saturday, April 1, 2006. Matches are open to the public. Match fee: $ 10.00 For more information on the Cast Bullet Associationís match rules, please see:

For more information on our matches at DRRC please call Kent Uhl at 503 631-2508 or email

Access To Matches
For instructions on how to access the facilities to participate in a match please contact the person listed below.

Happy Shooting!

For more information contact Kent Uhl at 503 631-2508 or email